If you call in or visit our facility requesting to have a consultation with our CMD or any of our Doctors, the closest available date will be fixed by our booking officers upon request. Please note that the sum of N5,000 commitment fee must be made before your appointment is booked. This fee will be included as part of your consultation fee.
While we do not encourage the cancellation of appointments, please note that in the event of one, 48 hours’ prior notice must be given to our booking officer. Failure to do so will cause the forfeiture of the commitment fee. This means that the N5000 commitment fee is non refundable if the cancellation is not made 48 hours before your fixed consultation day.

7 Skincare Sins, You Should Not Be Caught Doing

Sometimes, Skincare and maintaining a good and healthy look is more about kicking out some bad habits, changing routines, and cultivating new habits.

Habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly which tends to occur subconsciously, hence sticking to the right habits is one of the best ways to keep and maintain good and healthy skin.

This week, I’ll be writing about 7 habits you need to drop like a hot potato if you must have and maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Take Your Hands Off Your Face!
You seriously need to stop picking at your face. Yes, I know this might be difficult sometimes given that those pimples, blackheads, etc can be so annoying. But note that picking at your skin might cause more harm than good as it will create a more ugly and visible scar. Read more “7 Skincare Sins, You Should Not Be Caught Doing”

Skin Blemishes and Laser Treatment- How much do you know about it

For a couple of months now, I’ve been receiving emails and DMs on our Instagram page from women everywhere complaining bitterly about various skin challenges ranging from skin tags, excess hair on the body, tribal marks, scars, etc. I’ve also received emails from those who are desperate to get rid of a tattoo they had when they were much younger.

After consultation with quite a number of them, I’ve concluded that skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles, scars, and other skin blemishes are a major source of concern for most people especially women.  Although these conditions may not be a major medical issue, they are, however, a source of insecurities, frustration, and embarrassment to a whole lot of women.

Skin blemishes come in different forms and are caused by several factors. Which include genetics, nutrition, exposure to sun rays, the side effect of certain drugs, environmental factors, age, childbearing, hormones, etc. Most of these can be treated with the use of Laser treatment.

If you were one of these women, which of these letters would you write to me:

Dear Dr. Laser,
My problem is stretch marks. I have it all over my body. I can hardly wear a short sleeved top. It has become so very embarrassing.
Read more “Skin Blemishes and Laser Treatment- How much do you know about it”

Incident Report on our patient (Ms Eno)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of our beloved patient (Ms Eno) who died at an ICU centre after her successful surgery at our facility.

Ms Eno had a successful surgery at our facility.

After her successful surgery, she was anaemic following intra-operative blood loss. In line with standard practice, she was transfused with dully cross-matched blood.There was a blood transfusion reaction (TRALI).

After that, we stabilised her, and we immediately transferred her to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) outside our facility for continuous management and care.

However, we were surprised when the ICU informed us of her death.
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Rejuvenate your Sexuality

A letter dropped into my email 2 weeks ago. The email was from a lady who had some health challenges that she felt too embarrassed discussing with anyone. So she got hold of my email address so that she could send me an email where she could freely express herself.

After reading her email, I replied her mail assuring her that there was nothing to be ashamed off. Besides, her condition was common in some women especially those who had undergone childbirth multiple times. I further invited her for consultation in my office.

After consultation, she felt so relieved within herself that she permitted me to share her letter in my next diary entry.

The Letter…
Good Morning Doctor,
Read more “Rejuvenate your Sexuality”