Getting your Liposuction Procedure with Grandville

Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that involves insertion of special cannula usually size 3-4mm under the skin to remove excess fats or stubborn fat from any parts of the body by creating tiny holes on different points of the body to remove the fat.

The tiny holes are usually created in the abdomen, at the pubic area, at the back between the gluteal cleft and two other points at the back also two extra holes at the gluteal folds.

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia when the area to cover is small e.g. arms or a small part of the thighs or legs. It can also be done under general anesthesia; in this case you are totally asleep and the anesthetist is in full control of your breathing. Your heart rate and oxygen saturation are being monitored with a special device in the theatre.

This is not a perfect procedure; however, the best would be done to remove every fat possible from under your skin. This is not a weight loss procedure and you need to be sure of what you are doing. It is done more specifically for aesthetic reasons so you might not notice any weight loss after your procedure.

PLEASE NOTE that this is not a weight loss procedure so you can gain weight in the same area where liposuction was done. It is a risky procedure even though it is a minimally invasive procedure. The RISK include scarring, pain, redness, swelling, bruising, darkening of the skin, numbness over the liposuction area, skin loss etc

There is need for initial consultation and detailed explanation of the procedure before the procedure is done. After your consultation you are free to book two extra consultation to discuss again or clarify information given to you. Any other consultation aside this will attract a fee. If you are taking unprescribed or prescribed drugs do tell your doctors about these during consultation. If you have any concern about the procedure please be willing to talk to us about it.
When you are ready for the procedure, you will be given a bill. Kindly note that you will only be scheduled for your procedure after payment is confirmed. After payment is made, you will be scheduled for blood test to certify you fit. In some cases you will need to do more test if you have other medical health issues. See Procedure - price estimate for more information about the cost for each procedure and consultation fee. Adults above 40 years are mandated to do their chest X-ray and Echocardiography to rule out heart or chest problem. This is however not diagnosis exclusive. You might be asked to undergo other investigations based on our Doctor’s evaluation of you. Please also be willing to volunteer any information that will help us through your procedures. Please also note that money transferred to our account for any procedure is non-refundable but can be transferred for other services.
The anaesthesiologist will ask you some questions for your safety before the procedure. There will be intravenous line or lines set on your upper limb or lower limb to allow for drug administration. In some cases we use central lines if the peripheral veins can’t be seen. You will be fully covered throughout the procedure time to protect your privacy.
1. You will need to fast for at least 6 hours before the procedure. Usually for major surgery you are not allowed to take food or water from 12 midnight on the day of your procedure. For minor surgery, you might need to be fast for some hours. If there is any change you will be clearly informed. If you are however not clear please ask from any of our doctors. 2. If you have any prescribed drug to use on the day of your procedure (e.g drugs for hypertension or diabetics), kindly inform you doctor to guide you on how to use it or what method is best to use them Before the procedure special marking are done on your body to identify specific areas of the body to be worked for fat removal during surgery. 3. We usually take a before and after picture for both medical and legal reasons and in some cases, we can use or post some of these pictures to create awareness about the procedure. Be assured that your face will not be shown in any of these pictures. In some cases we do live videos to encourage others and the community as a whole on some of these procedures. Be rest assure that during any of these processes, you would be covered to protect your privacy. We respect you and your opinion about how your body should be handled during the procedure or procedures. However, if you are not comfortable, please be kind enough to tell us before your procedure. 4. In the theatre, you will notice new faces; these are the support team for your procedure. 5. You would also be mandated to sign informed consent for the procedure under which if not signed we cannot proceed with your procedure. It can also be signed by any adult apart from you. We will also want to assume that you are not pregnant before the procedure as we can’t guarantee from laboratory test even if the result shows that you are not pregnant. We have seen both falsely positive and falsely negative test results on few occasions. We also advice that you come with an adult for your procedure to help you out in case you need a family support before or after your procedure. 6. If you do smoke you need to stop at least 21 days before your procedure. Smoking increase your bleeding tendency and prolong your healing time. It also increase your tendency of having complications. 7. You will be cleaned in theater before your procedure
1. You will notice some holes in your body after the procedure. These holes would usually drain blood and water including fat in the next 3 – 5days.It can be longer in some cases but not more than 5-7 days from time of surgery. Some of or all the holes can close before the expected day but no need to panic about it. However, in rare cases, it might be longer though we don’t see this regularly in our practice but it is possible. 2. You might also notice an increase in frequency of your urination. This is the body eliminating fluid that was injected under your skin during the procedure. 3. The points of skin entry might become dark after healing but would gradually fade leaving only a tiny scar and in some cases abnormal scar on the skin. If you are a keloid former, you have a tendency of forming keloids at all the points of entry. 4. You might also feel some irritation in your throat after the procedure because of the endotrachial tube that was passed to help you breathe during the procedure under general anesthesia. 5. You might also notice redness or black patches under the skin after the procedure because of bleeding under the skin, which will gradually fade. The colored patch might take weeks to months to clear. 6. You will also feel numbness in specific areas of the body after liposuction because of denervation. This will gradually become normal after weeks of the procedure. You might also experience some pain and discomfort in all areas liposuctioned. 7. There will be swelling in all the areas liposuctioned. 8. If your skin is in excess, you might have a saggy skin after the procedure but this would have been explained to you by the doctor before or after the procedure. 9. In case of Brazilian butt lift, you would need to seat on your thigh for a minimum of 2 weeks. You will also need to procure a soft cushion for your thigh in other to take pressure off the butt. PLEASE NOTE that In Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), there might be some reduction in the initial result because of inflammation (swelling) and some fat loss. 10. You might also experience itching during the healing process. It is one of the body response to healing and in some cases you might need to call in for us to give you drugs to help with itching. 11. You will also notice some hardness on the liposuction area, please do not worry because this will resolve with time. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a weight loss procedure so you can gain weight in the same area where liposuction was done. It is a risky procedure even though it is a minimally invasive procedure. The RISK include scarring, pain, redness, swelling, bruising, darkening of the skin, numbness over the liposuction area, skin loss etc
a) You would need to buy a pressure garment which would be applied to the liposuctioned areas to compress the skin. This is to reduce pain and avoid blood or water from accumulating under your skin after the procedure. It is mandatory that you wear this garment for at least 24 hours of the first two weeks after you are done with your procedure and 12 hours a day from the second week. b) From our experience the first two weeks are very important in this your recovery process. We advise you use the garment religiously during this period. You can only remove it before your bath or your massage. Please do not substitute it with a non-medical compression garment (or waist trainer) because these ones don't allow for swelling and you might be doing yourself more harm than good. c) We are also going to provide you with some drugs during your recovery period to help with pain and to prevent any form of infection. Please take your drugs as specified. If you are not clear about this please call the attention of any of our doctors. d) You are only allowed to stay in the hospital for few hours after your procedure after which you will be transferred to the RECOVERY HOME. Subsequent stay will attract hospital charges for both drugs and admission. e) We also advise that you do massage on the area(s) liposuctioned starting from day 1or 2. We have massage therapist in all our branches for this. We recommend 10 massage sessions after your surgery but you can increase the sessions if you want to.
Complications that can arise from this procedure include: Pain, Skin necrosis, Itching, Swelling, Infection, Bleeding under the skin, Anaesthesia or numbness, Bruising, Skin sagging, Fibrosis (usually under the skin), Keloid, Hypertrophic scars, Hyperpigmentation, Fat loss, Skin exfoliation, and Skin irregularities. Be rest assured this is a relatively safe procedure. We love you, we care about your safety, we care about your health and outcome of your surgery
We strongly advice that you do a proper planning for your procedure before decision is made on any specific date. We can understand sometimes it might not be convenient when the change has to be made but we are schedule clinic and any change is at a cost to the hospital and our organization structure. As a result, following your decision to change or cancel your procedure the clinic will debit against your balance an inconvenience cost of three hundred thousand naira(N300,000). For a change in date, the blood test will be this will cost seventy thousand naira only.
Kindly call any of our offices via the below number to book an appointment: +234 (0) 817 153 0599 - Lekki Office +234 (0) 816 454 8279 - Surulere Office; +234 (0) 817 323 3025 - Abuja Office; Consultation time for Lekki clinic Monday-Friday: 7:30-8:30am, 12 noon, 4pm Airport pickup is available via Avis rental [Mr Kola +234 (0) 803 319 0107]
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