Stretch Mark / Scar Camouflage Makeup

Living with Stretch Marks or Scars can be extremely difficult and have an impact on your everyday life and confidence. If you have stretch marks or scars that are over 2 years old and noticeable in color, a Stretch Mark/ Scar Camouflage may be a helpful solution.

We use multiple techniques to soften the texture of stretch marks/ scars and camouflage them using permanent make up.

If your scars are different color other parts of your skin, we can use a semi-permanent pigment to reduce the look of the Scar on the face or body.

First, a topical numbing cream is applied to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We custom blend a pigment which matches your skin tone identically, we use a range of needles to implant this pigment into the skin creating a ‘permanent’ camouflage. The pigment is implanted into the stretch mark or scar area. This essentially creates the illusion that the stretch mark /scar has blended in with the surrounding skin.

As a side benefit, your stretch marks /scars will build a little collagen while healing. However, they will likely remain as deep as they were before the procedure. Only the color variation will change. Although clients notice a difference after 1 procedure, 2-3 procedures are required for the most effective results.

What happens during the treatment?
We will test a small area of the scar with a custom blend of colors and allow this to heal for days so that we can assess the final results and ensure that the color match is accurate and that the results are in line with your expectations.

We will make any adjustments necessary and then treat the remainder of the scar blending the tissue with the surrounding skin.

Procedure Time
Procedure time will vary depending on the size of the area to be treated, there should be minimum discomfort, clients describe this as a 2 out of 10.

Although entirely dependent on your skin, average results can last up to 15 years.

After care is vital with this procedure. You must keep a cold compress on the area for 72 hours after the procedure. This will speed up the healing process by weeks.

Healing time for this procedure takes a long time and multiple procedures schedule your procedures 6-8 weeks apart may be necessary to achieve optimal results.