Permanent Makeup (PMU)

Permanent makeup is sometimes called semi-permanent make up or micropigmentation. They are all forms of cosmetic tattooing but there is a major difference between this treatment and a traditional tattoo.

Permanent make up treatments are performed using a digital machine that implants hypoallergenic pharmaceutical grade pigments into the top layer of the skin.

A traditional tattoo goes much deeper and uses different pigments - tattoo ink is unsuitable for the sensitive skin of the facial features.

Permanent make up pigments are made from mineral and organic material and are designed to fade over time, lasting between 12-18 months after which you can top up your permanent make up with a maintenance treatment called a color boost to refresh color, shape and definition. The procedures are performed in various ways.
Before treatment a consultation takes place at the time of your appointment to understand the realistic expectations of permanent makeup and skin suitability.

Questions Everyone Asks about Permanent Makeup Procedures?
The three questions often asked: "Will it hurt?", "Will it look natural?" and "What is the recovery time after the procedure?". Since we use topical anesthetic, most people are quite comfortable during the procedure. Special techniques, have been developed to make permanent makeup appear as natural as possible. After the procedures, there is no down time - you can go home right away!

Before Treatment
A full and in-depth consultation is carried out at the time of your appointment to understand your skin suitability and realistic expectations of permanent make-up. All colors and shapes are customized to each person! We always draw on first to make sure this is YOUR desired shape, no surprises! . A consent form will be filled out to ensure we have all the medical information necessary for the procedure. Your photos will be taken and we will apply topical anesthetic cream to start your numbing process so you will be comfortable during the procedure. and the initial measurements will be marked and drawn on first to make sure this is YOUR desired shape and get your approval before we start.

During Treatment
A topical anesthetic will be re-applied during procedure keeping you comfortable. A fine needle with the use of a top of the art machine will be used to implant the dermatologically tested and state of the art pigments into the skin (NOT body art inks as they are not fit for a natural look on the face)

After Treatment
When the treatment is finished you will be advised on after care for your individual procedure. The treatment area may feel sensitive. With eye liner or lip treatments you may have some swelling which should settle down within a few hours.

Follow Up Treatment
You will be booked in for your follow up treatment to complete the final adjustments. This will ensure that your enhancement will be beautiful & complete. Your follow-up appointment will be no sooner than 4-6 weeks from your initial treatment because the skin needs sufficient time to heal and be comfortable before we go back into the treated area.

Healed results will vary with each individual client. NO guarantee will be made and additional sessions (at a minimum charge) may be required to obtain optimal results. Although we give our best efforts to provide you with quality service, many factors can result in a less than desired outcome as each client will heal differently. Please visit for more information to know if the Before & Aftercare Directions are a good fit for your lifestyle.