With over a thousand cases successfully anaesthetised in Grandville NIGERIA, it’s high-time we show-case the glamorous department of Anaesthesia. We offer high-tech medical services to clients coming for various procedures ranging from Aesthetic procedures to reconstruction/repair of traumatic disfigurations as well as congenital malformations.

What ever the case, we ensure our numerous clients walk in and out of any of our 4 theatres scattered in Nigeria safely and with very pleasant memories .

We employ TOP of the range equipment EARTH has to offer, competing effectively with the best facilities in the WORLD.

The synergistic effect of our Syringe-drivers and modern Vaporizers ensures delivery of PRE-CALCULATED doses of drugs to meet clients’ specific individual needs.

This in-turn ensures clients are painlessly well-relaxed and sleeping soundly devoid of memories of any kind.

Our Medications are also the best products in the Medical market with best Efficacy & Potency while ensuring the least proven side-effects.

We have “in-theatre” spare equipments for virtually all our equipments forestalling possible eventualities arising from equipment Failure/malfunction.

From the Desk our Anesthetic Consultant.

We have also EXTENDED an arm of EXTRA-CARE for critically-ill patients from other centres arising from domestic accidents, BURNS,  traumatic road eventualities as well as Natural disasters for INTENSIVE CARE ,otherwise known as ICU (state of the art)

Visit us today for sweetly painless sleeping experience while you undergo whatever surgery!

Dr. Olurankinse Oluseyi