Grandville Trauma Center is now opened and commenced operations on the 1st of October 2020. Our trauma center is established to treat patients with acute and life-threatening traumatic injuries, providing resuscitation, emergency surgery, diagnostic services medical treatment, and, intensive care to trauma victims from across the region. Our top-notch trauma center has an Emergency Unit, ICU, a well-equipped Pharmacy and a 24 hours Ambulance service to ensure that the value chain is complete to provide the best health care for our patients.
Some of the most common trauma cases in Nigeria among others such as; Domestic accident, Motor vehicle crashes, Industrial accidents, Falls, Violence, etc will be attended to.

The services available to access includes:
✓ 24 hours of trauma care (Both surgical and Medical trauma)
✓ A 5 bedded ICU care with 7 ventilators, with an extension at our Surulere Branch with 7 Ventilators too
✓ 24 hours Full Radiological Service i.e. MRI (1.5 Tesla), CT scan (64 slides), Ultrasound scan-ray(digital)
✓ 24 hours Laboratory Service available (All automated)
✓ 24 hours Ambulance Service fully equipped with a mobile ventilator to support patients from one point to another
✓ 24 hours functional Blood Bank
✓ 2 fully functional Aftercare homes that offer 24 hours services (10 beds in total)
✓ 24 hours of operating rooms with C arm
✓ 24 hours power supply/security

Grandville Trauma Center is for the specific purpose of improving care for critically ill or injured patients with severe and multi-system injuries. At Grandville, we know that injury has become a major cause of death and disability worldwide therefore, we employ organized approaches to its prevention and treatment. We set achievable standards for trauma treatment services which could realistically be made available to every injured person. All the necessary equipment to operate a trauma center will be made physically present at our facility and also promptly available to all those who need it.
Our multidisciplinary trauma team is equipped to offer the entire range of services needed in the management of seriously ill and/or injured patients 24/7. Our trauma center has a wide variety of highly specialized and sophisticated surgical and diagnostic equipment.

Our team includes the following areas of expertise:
✓ Emergency Medicine/Physicians
✓ Trauma surgeons and mid-level trauma providers
✓ Surgical critical care personnel
✓ Neurosurgeons
✓ Orthopedic trauma
✓ Anesthesiologists
✓ Radiologist
✓ Medical and Nursing Care
✓ Post Anaesthesia Recovery Unit (PARU)
✓ Plastic Surgery (hand injury, facial injury, etc)
✓ Neuro-Trauma-Surgical ICU
✓ Rehabilitation (including physical therapists)
✓ Blood bank, and other surgical sub-specialists, along with nursing and staff expertise in trauma care in the emergency department
✓ Social work, case management, behavioral health assessment teams.

Grandville Trauma Center is dedicated to providing trauma care through quality improvement programs, trauma prevention, and continuing education.
Our entire team have the requisite training to perform such diagnostic and therapeutic activities safely and successfully.
They also involve in continuing education to maintain these skills. Likewise, the safety of our healthcare personnel giving the high rate of HIV and other bloodborne pathogens makes it imperative that our healthcare workers be provided with adequate protection such as the provision of necessary materials, including gloves and goggles, water-resistant clothing/gowns as well as capabilities for the safe disposal of sharps and biological materials.

Our resources at Grandville Medical, such as Human Resource and Physical Resources are evidence of our capability to operate a trauma center.

Grandville Trauma Center Plot 4 Eleganza shopping mall, OPP VGC, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria; Front Office 08171530599, Trauma Center Doctor's Number 07049476236, ICU Number 07048667200; @Grandvillemedlaser