7 Skincare Sins, You Should Not Be Caught Doing

Sometimes, Skincare and maintaining a good and healthy look is more about kicking out some bad habits, changing routines, and cultivating new habits.

Habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly which tends to occur subconsciously, hence sticking to the right habits is one of the best ways to keep and maintain good and healthy skin.

This week, I’ll be writing about 7 habits you need to drop like a hot potato if you must have and maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Take Your Hands Off Your Face!
You seriously need to stop picking at your face. Yes, I know this might be difficult sometimes given that those pimples, blackheads, etc can be so annoying. But note that picking at your skin might cause more harm than good as it will create a more ugly and visible scar. Also, if your hands are dirty, you could be pushing germs into your skin making the breakout even worse. This particular habit may lead to Acne scars and trust me, can be more difficult to deal with.

Perspiration, Sweat and Unwashed Make-up Face
I know you women, love your makeup and I also know that most women are hard-workers who have to deal with stress and sometimes the heat and traffic during the day. You should however note that heavy perspiration accumulated during the day, mixed up with the heavy make- up can lead to acne, rashes, clogged pores, the buildup of bacteria, and other irritation. So try to wash the make-up off your face before going to bed.

Treat Your Skin with a Little Bit of Respect!
Every part of your body should be treated with respect especially your face. That I previously stated you should wash your face frequently doesn’t mean that it should be scrubbed as if you are washing your car! Always wash and exfoliate your face gently. Harsh scrubbing can cause blotches, dryness, redness, and even wrinkles.

Get Enough Sleep, Your Skin Needs It
Yes, I understand that the average individual leaves a very busy life especially if you live in Lagos. The Life of the average Lagosian will prevent one from having adequate sleep. Sadly, not only does insufficient sleep wreck havoc on the mental and physical health, but it also affects the skin. Lack of adequate sleep causes the appearance of the skin to look duller and lose its shine and may even cause fine lines to begin to show. I’ll tell you what, instead of attending that owambe every Saturday, just stay home, and catch some rest, some sleep even. Your body needs it, trust me.

Change Those Sheets and Pillowcase
You should wash your sheets and pillowcase as often as possible. This is because dirty sheets can cling to your skin. Creating all kinds of bacteria and germs which will stick to your skin. Yea, so to remain and maintain beautiful skin, you need to keep up with your hygiene so that bacteria will not be having a field day on your delicate skin.

Make Antioxidants Your Best Friend
Antioxidants are a good way to help keep your body and skin healthy. Consuming them in foods and applying them topically on your skin can be beneficial. Look for Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea, and retinol (Vitamin A) to use in the form of serums, cleansers, and moisturizers. When it comes to food, leafy greens, citrus fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants.

Wash Those Makeup Brushes
Skip washing your make up brushes and you could wind up with clogged pores, and bacterial infections. Once every three weeks, lather brushes with a gentle shampoo and rinse well, and let them dry off.

All these and more are skincare habits that need to be cultivated Immediately if you must keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

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